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Orica RAP Yeti Cooling Towel


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Incredible towel which will cool up to 15 degrees below the outdoor temperature in seconds when wet.
Simply wet, wring out and snap tight to remove the excess water.
Cooling will last as long as the towel remains wet and it is a natural chemical free reaction.
The fabric is specially constructed to maximise the cooling power of rapid evaporation and the Yeti Cooling Towel is worn around the neck or head to stay cooler for longer.
It is ideal for use when playing sports, jogging, walking, biking, at the gym, working outdoors etc.
Yeti is supplied in a storage pouch with full instructions and it can also be used as a regular towel.

Featuring the full colour Orica Reflection Action Plan Artwork

Dimension: L 1000mm x W 300mm

Heat Stress Toolbox Talk - Orica Yeti Cooling Towel

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